Until last summer Warriors assistant coach Larry Farmer was the coach of the Kuwaiti national basketball team. He planned to return to Kuwait in August for another year of coaching, but Iraq invaded Kuwait two weeks before he was going to leave. Since then he has worried about players who also were members of the Kuwaiti military.

"I didn't know if they were dead or alive, if they'd escaped the country or what," Farmer said. "It's a lot different when you sit and watch the news without knowing anyone involved."

Late last month, he received a telephone call from a young Kuwaiti student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, whose brother is the trainer on Farmer's old team. "My heart just stopped," Farmer said, "because I thought he was going to tell me something bad."

Instead, the student said his brother fled to Saudi Arabia and that members of Farmer's old team were alive and well, though still in Kuwait.


The Cavaliers announced they have signed veteran G Mike Woodson; he was let go by the Rockets last week. Also, the Cavaliers placed F Winston Bennett on the injured list because of persistent back pain.