SOUTH BEND, IND., DEC. 15 -- NCAA charges against the University of Minnesota should not affect the status of Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz, the university says.

Holtz, who coached at Minnesota in 1984 and 1985, was implicated by a former Minnesota academic adviser who said the coach once gave him $500 to give to a player.

Holtz told a news conference on Friday he never intentionally broke a rule when he coached the Gophers.

And he said, "I vehemently deny" the charge by LeRoy Gardner.

E. William Beauchamp, Notre Dame's executive vice president, said Holtz had kept him informed of the questions raised during the 2 1/2-year investigation of Minnesota.

"We continue to have every confidence in Coach Holtz's long-proven integrity," Beauchamp said.

According to the allegations announced by the NCAA's enforcement staff in a letter received Friday by Minnesota, Gophers athletes and recruits received cash, loans, entertainment, money for parking tickets and other benefits in violation of NCAA rules. Holtz admitted he loaned Gardner money three times "for his personal needs."

The letter arrived a day after the Philadelphia Daily News reported the investigation was the impetus for stepped-up efforts by Holtz to coach in the NFL.