GOINS, GOINS, GONE! No one was happier with the Broncos' win than Rich Goins, who spent 33 days on a billboard catwalk. Goins, sports director at a Denver radio station, made a bet with a co-worker that he would stay on his perch about 25 feet above the street until the Broncos won a game. They then went on a six-game losing streak.

Said Coach Dan Reeves: "I don't know who's happier, us or Rich Goins. I know he's glad to be off that billboard."

During his stint overlooking the Mile High City, Goins had to contend with freezing weather, bronchitis and strep throat, not to mention rock-throwing kids.

FURREAL: Falcons Coach Jerry Glanville wore Deion Sanders's mink coat during warm-ups in Cleveland.

"I never had anything that expensive on before," Glanville said. "I thought I'd slip it on one time, and Deion was good enough to let me do it."

Said Sanders: "He probably has a hundred furs at home."

OFFICIALLY SPEAKING: The Jets were running out the clock at their 6-yard line when Brad Baxter ran seven yards with 30 seconds left in the half. They began leaving the field, but officials stopped the clock to measure for a first down. The Jets made it, but so what? They waited for the clock to start again and headed to the locker room. . . .

The Jets honored their Pro Bowl players at halftime. Among them: Hall of Famers Joe Namath, Don Maynard and Weeb Ewbank, all of the 1969 Super Bowl champions. Also there: John Riggins.