The O'Connell girls basketball team, boosted by twins Cathy and Christie Finney, last year won its second straight Catholic Girls Athletic Association championship.

Returning this season were the Finney sisters, Michaal Tuttle and Sharee McClellan, The Washington Post's soccer player of the year. In addition, O'Connell added 6-foot Langley transfer Jean Klepezyski and 6-1 freshman Cindy O'Connor.

That line proved much too potent last night as No. 5 O'Connell led No. 10 Seton by 21 at halftime and rolled to a 66-41 victory at O'Connell.

Seton Coach Ginny Pontious, whose team lost three times to O'Connell last season, said: "They had an excellent team before and now they have added to it. We call them 'The Machine.' They just go out, turn it on and roll it over you."

Said Seton's Kim Better, who finished with 13 points: "We thought we were ready to play them, but we let it get away. It was like we were scared of them."

Seton was coming off a 50-49 overtime loss to Paul VI. But the Roadrunners (3-3, 2-2) felt they could play with the Knights (5-2, 3-0). However, O'Connell put away the game early, opening with an 11-2 run. It was able to hurt Seton with its press, finishing with 15 steals.

O'Connell also was able to control the backboards with 39 rebounds. O'Connor had 11 rebounds and nine points and Klepezyski 10 rebounds and six points.

With Klepezyski and O'Connor "we are able to go inside now which we weren't able to do last season," said Christie Finney, who had 12 points.

"We played really tough defense tonight," said Tuttle, who led the Knights with 14 points. "They weren't able to get a good shot and we were zipping it up the court. It was a lot like last year's style."