INDIANAPOLIS, DEC. 22 -- The Redskins had been saving their remaining two rosters moves until they badly needed them. That left Walter Stanley, Stan Humphries and Gerald Riggs off the roster, but it may have proven to be the right move after they left tonight's 35-28 loss to the Indianapolis Colts with a long injury list.

Cornerback Sidney Johnson was wheeled off the field with a concussion, but the most serious injury may have been to defensive tackle Eric Williams, who suffered a sprained right arch.

That's the same injury that has sidelined Gerald Riggs for six weeks and it's the one that probably has ended Phil Simms's season.

The Redskins were unsure how serious the injury was tonight, but Williams wasn't optimistic.

"It feels bad right now," Williams said. "It sounded like glass crunching, and when I went to make a tackle, the pain shot up my leg. I'm not doing too well right now."

But several others were limping after the game, including Raleigh McKenzie (ankle), Kelvin Bryant (knee), Mark Schlereth (ankle) and Charles Mann (knee). Penalties Take Toll

The Redskins were flagged for 14 penalities -- a season high. They had been whistled only 17 times the last three games combined and they were at their worst when the Colts drove for their first touchdown.

The Redskins were penalized on four of the last six plays of the drive: Mann was offsides, Fred Stokes was offsides, Darrell Green interfered, Martin Mayhew held and Alvoid Mays was offsides (on the extra point).

Later in the game, Tim Johnson was called for hitting Jeff George late in the end zone and the Redskins were offsides six times.

"I apologized to George," Johnson said. "We knew he was good at drawing people offsides with his voice inflection, but sometimes late in the game, you forget about it. This definitely caused us to take a step back tonight." Offense Good -- At Times

The Redskins finished with 467 yards and they've done better than that only in the 674-yard overtime game in Detroit. Their 223 rushing yards was their season high. . . .

NFL teams wore American flags on their helmets this weekend to show support for U.S. troops in the Middle East. . . . The Colts distributed 25,000 casettes of the song "Colors" co-written by Colts GM Jim Irsay as a tribute to young AIDS victim Ryan White of Cicero, Indiana. . . .

The last time the Colts had beaten the Redskins was Nov. 6, 1978. . . . Eric Dickerson, who had 31 yards tonight, has rushed for 567 yards this season. With one game to go, there's no chance he'll extend to eight his NFL record for consecutive 1,000-yard seasons.