With a year to go on his contract, outfielder Kevin McReynolds got free agent treatment from the New York Mets: a three-year, $10 million contract extension.

The deal mirrors the ones recently signed by Brett Butler, Willie McGee and George Bell, all outfielders and all free agents.

After watching Darryl Strawberry use the walk year of his contract to do just that, the Mets were not about to let McReynolds go.

"We did it a year in advance," Vice President Al Harazin said. "The reason is consistency. If you look at Kevin's career, the hallmark is consistency. For the last five years, he's averaged 150 games, 26 home runs and 92 RBI. He's been as consistent as a ballplayer can be, like a straight line on a graph."

Still, McReynolds hit only .269 last season, .232 against left-handers. . . .

Former Tigers pitcher Hank Aguirre says he and other investors want to buy the Tigers and keep them in Detroit. A team spokesman said the club isn't for sale.

Aguirre says the firing of broadcaster Ernie Harwell, the possibility of moving the Tigers out of Detroit and the bad publicity from the ABC "PrimeTime Live" show prompted him to submit a proposal to owner Tom Monaghan on Monday.

Aguirre said he had not heard from the Tigers owner, who also owns Domino's Pizza Inc.

Aguirre would not identify his backers, but said the main investor was from out of state. He also said he was pitching the plan to local business leaders.

Aguirre, a popular left-hander with the Tigers in 1958-67, is president of Mexican Industries Inc., which supplies interiors and parts to the auto industry. His companies own four plants and employ 330 people.