Philadelphia Eagles Coach Buddy Ryan may be spending the week in Tampa, but the sunshine and Gulf breezes haven't put him in much of a mood for celebrations. His answers were terse and mostly un-Buddy-like in a conference call news conference with reporters at Redskin Park.

And they became even less so when Baltimore Sun interrogator Vito Stellino pressed Ryan on why he'd never won a playoff game -- he's 0-2, losing to the Bears and Rams the last two seasons.

"No, it sure doesn't {bother me}," Ryan snapped. "Most teams aren't even in the playoffs. When was the last time {the Redskins} were in the playoffs? They won a Super Bowl in '87, but what happened to them in '88 and '89? You guys are full of bull."

With that, Ryan hung up.Knee Deep in Injuries

Defensive linemen Markus Koch and Charles Mann returned to practice yesterday. Koch has missed two games and Mann has missed one, each with a sore knee. Both will play against the Eagles.

However, Pro Bowl wide receiver Gary Clark missed practice because of a sore knee. He's also expected to play against the Eagles.

Clark suffered a sprained knee and ankle during Sunday's 29-14 victory over Buffalo, going down in a gruesome collision that twisted Clark's legs under his back.

Redskins trainer Bubba Tyrer credited the Bills with minimizing the injury "because Gary was being twisted under the force of the pile, and he started yelling for them to get off, they did a great job of picking guys off the pile. That was a classy thing."

Clark said, "Hopefully, it'll feel better by Saturday. But whether it feels better or not, I'm going to be out there playing 100 percent."

He hasn't watched a replay of the injury, "and from what I've heard, I don't want to see it either. Luckily, the Bills were really good about it. I knew I'd hurt my knee, but I didn't realize my ankle was hurt until I got off the field. I know I was fortunate because it bent me all the way back."Well-Weathered

With the Eagles spending the week in Tampa, Gibbs said there might come a time when he'd take his team away from Redskin Park to prepare for a game. However, in 10 years practice has been canceled only twice because of the weather.

"If you're a little farther north, practice gets tough this time of the year," he said. "But really we've never had a problem."The Silent Treatment

Gibbs also doesn't believe the crowd noise at Veterans Stadium on Saturday will be a serious problem. "If anybody's geared to crowd noise, the Redskins are," he said. "We don't use the shotgun. We've never waited at the line of scrimmage -- ever. We've never waited for a snap or anything else. Does it still bother you? Yes, it can."Randall's Ready

No team has contained Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham better than the Redskins. He rushed for 96 yards in two games, but the Eagles had only one long offensive drive for a touchdown.

But yesterday he said he thinks he can turn the tables on them.

"They game plan better than other teams because they game plan to stop me," he said. "Other teams game plan to stop me, but they're not as sure how to. They figure if they rush five guys on third down and drop back in a zone, they can stop me from running for touchdowns and having big plays."