QUICK TALKING: The Denver Nuggets' offensive madness not only creates problems for opponents, it also poses a challenge for radio play-by-play announcers.

"I keep my own points and fouls and the running score, so I don't want to look away because I'm going to miss a layup," said Charlie Slowes, the one-man voice of the Bullets, who had to call 294 points on 123 baskets when the Nuggets came to town last week. "It's a mess."

WIP Radio in Philadelphia had its two announcers alternate play-by-play. Neil Funk described the action when the 76ers had the ball, Jon Gurevitch when the Nuggets had it. They switched roles in the second half.

"It went surprisingly smoothly," Gurevitch told Knight-Ridder, "considering the wacky idea had never been tried before. We only stepped on each other three or four times. That's about average for us." WOMEN'S MOVEMENT: It's been 15 years since women's regular season college basketball has been on network TV, and CBS will bring it back on Saturday. Third-ranked Purdue will play No. 7 Auburn at 1:30, followed by No. 9 Georgia and No. 15 Iowa at 4.

The last network game, on NBC, was Immaculata at Maryland on Jan. 26, 1975. BOWL NUMBERS: NBC's Orange Bowl drew the highest overnight Nielsen rating (17.5) and share (26) of the seven Jan. 1 bowl games on network TV. ABC's Sugar Bowl, the other prime-time game, had the lowest marks (4.3, 7).

The ratings figure is the percentage of TVs in the survey, a share is the percentage of TVs in use at the time.

ABC's Rose Bowl was second (13.1, 23), followed by CBS's Cotton Bowl (9.9, 20), ABC's Citrus Bowl (8.9, 18), NBC's Hall of Fame Bowl (5.1, 10) and NBC's Fiesta Bowl (5.1, 9).