Ex-Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, who led the team to the 1983 Super Bowl championship, saw both Eagles-Redskins games this season, and has some thoughts on today's NFC wild-card game between the teams.

"Obviously, the number one problem is Randall Cunningham. I think the Eagles are going to present problems whether Randall is either running or throwing it. . . . {But} in both games, I think {the Redskins} contained him terrifically."

Of the Eagles' win in the second meeting, Theismann said: "The last time I've seen the Redskins get their rear ends handed to them like that was maybe ten years ago. They were absolutely dominated and humiliated by the Eagles. . . . The Redskins can talk about being tough, but they really got the living heck beat out of them by the Eagles in Philadelphia by a team that's playing better now than it played before.

"I think the Redskins are good enough to go all the way if one person plays decent football, and that person is Mark Rypien. One of the keys will be Mark Rypien's ability to get the ball to the receivers, because the receivers will get open against the Philadelphia Eagles. There will be big-play opportunities against the Philadelphia Eagles. The question is, will we see the Mark Rypien we saw against Chicago or the Mark Rypien we saw earlier in the year?

"That whole system boils down to the quarterback. I know what Joe Gibbs will say to the media; he'll say football is not a one-man game. But in that system, the onus is on the quarterback. What I watched in the Chicago Bears game, {Rypien} looks like he's afraid to stand in there and it looked like he was throwing the thing up for grabs."

Theismann said the home field will also be a factor. "The Eagle crowd is probably the most hostile crowd. They booed Santa Claus and beat up our Indian and threw him out of the stadium a few years ago. The safest place is probably on the field."