The holiday season is over, but you can make the pleasure your Christmas tree brought to your home last until spring.

The tree can provide a bit of shelter and some square meals for birds and other wildlife in your backyard.

Some communities offer programs in which they will shred Christmas trees into mulch. You also can cut up the tree yourself.

But you also can make it as welcome a sight for wildlife as it was for children Christmas morning.

The simplest thing to do is lean the tree up against a fence or strong shrub. There, its needles will offer shelter from snow. One tree is good; more than one is better.

You also can place your tree, still in its stand if you like, out in the yard, or put the butt of the stump in a hole. But don't put it too far from other trees or shrubs, so that birds don't have to go too far from one bit of cover to another.

The simplest way to feed is to put some goodies under the tree, just like you did Christmas day.

Foods can include cracked dried corn, sunflower seeds, prepared seed mixtures or nuts.

Even birds that normally won't feed on the ground will be attracted to such a spread because when the chow line is right under a Christmas tree they are only inches from cover while dining.

You also can string leftover nuts, popcorn or cranberries on the tree for birds that won't feed on the ground.