NASHVILLE, JAN. 6 -- NCAA Executive Director Dick Schultz probably will call for an examination of the organization's enforcement process when he delivers his State of the Association address at Monday's opening session of the NCAA convention.

Schultz "just wants to make sure a hard look is taken at the enforcement process this year," according to Steve Morgan, the associate executive director who oversees the NCAA's enforcement, legislative services and compliance services divisions. "He doesn't want the fact that a hard look is being taken {to be seen as} a condemnation of the process, and I don't think he has any preconceived notion that there's something that needs fixing. . . . He's just saying let's look and if there are problems, let's fix them. If not, let's debunk the myth and get on with it."

Morgan said he believed a committee connected with the NCAA Council would be established, and he had no problem with that.

"I don't know if anybody ever welcomes having everything you're doing looked at," he said. "But because I think the program is a sound one now, I do welcome it because I think it will debunk some of the myths . . . Getting fresh minds involved always helps."

A Solid 10 Percent Cut

NCAA President Al Witte said the NCAA Council will not amend a proposal that calls for a 10 percent cut in scholarships for all Division I sports. Before the convention, a group of athletic directors had been attempting to draft an amendment that would have offered the members an opportunity to cut scholarships by 5 percent rather than making them choose between a 10 percent cut and no cut.

Va. Tech and Atlantic 10

Charlie Theokas, Temple's athletic director who is vice president of the Atlantic 10 board of directors, said conference officials will meet here with Virginia Tech officials to discuss Tech's possible entry. The Atlantic 10 wants Virginia Tech to join, but Theokas said the school cannot decide until it resolves its commitment to the Metro Conference, which already has lost Florida State, Memphis State and Cincinnati.