DeMatha High School Principal John Moylan said he "absolutely disagreed" with Bullis Athletic Director Walt King's decision to cancel the remaining bouts at Bullis Gymnasium Monday night after a skirmish erupted in the stands during a wrestling match between the schools.

"If {a similar situation} were to happen here and if the kids were able to behave themselves and the coaches were able to maintain control, I would have talked to the officials and have the matches continued," Moylan said. "The officials should have cleared the gym and let the kids finish the match. It wasn't that the {situation} was out of control."

King said his decision to cancel the remaining matches was prompted by his judgment that an argument between parents from the opposing schools had caused too much friction for the match to continue smoothly, the Montgomery Journal reported. The matches were the finals of a quad match that also included St. Albans and Whitman.

"I felt that it was not a good situation to continue in," said King, a former Bullis wrestling coach. "The match was rather heated and I know that they {DeMatha's wrestlers} were rather frustrated. They had received some misconduct points earlier in the match."

The exchange of words began after a 154-pound match between Robert Schroederbeck of Bullis and Rod Jefferson.

"I spoke to some of our parents and some of their parents and apparently someone in the stands said, 'You should be sitting on the other side,' or something like that, and {parents began} going eyeball to eyeball," Moylan said. "One of the Bullis wrestlers went into the stands but the coaches got {control} and got the wrestlers to watch the fans."

Bullis (4-0) had been leading the Stags (5-3), last year's national prep school wrestling champions, 23-13, before the incident.

"Our kids were anxious to finish the match," Moylan said. "Only if the people didn't want to go, then stop it. But otherwise, let them finish it."

King called the incident "isolated" and said he does not harbor any lasting resentment against DeMatha.

"It wasn't a big deal," said King. "One person says something wrong and some pushing and shoving starts. It was embarrassing and a shame it happened but it was just a matter of separating people. We've wrestled DeMatha before but nothing like this has ever happened in our gymnasium."