On the day in 1989 the Washington Redskins acquired Earnest Byner and Gerald Riggs in draft-day trades, Philadelphia Eagles Coach Buddy Ryan snapped: "Oh, they didn't help themselves. One's a fumbler {Byner} and the other's older than me {Riggs}."

When Jeff Rutledge started against the Eagles earlier this season, Ryan announced: "I'm not worried about him. He's 100 years old."

Last week he predicted Byner would fumble three times and did a pretty good imitation of an uptight, pregame Joe Gibbs. All these words and many, many others got back to the Redskins last week before their 20-6 elimination of the Eagles, and yesterday when Ryan was fired, there were few tears at Redskin Park.

In fact, as after the playoff game, there were few words about the Eagles at all.

"Nothing surprises me in this business," Gibbs said.

Gibbs would say nothing more, but his silence and that of his assistants and players may have spoken volumes. What Gibbs had said after Saturday's game was: "We want to win the right way and lose the right way. You always want to try to do things with character and class."

Or as linebacker Monte Coleman said: "It's a hard enough game without giving the other side extra motivation. I don't read the papers, so they couldn't intimidate me. But they got my wife. She phoned Friday night and was worried what was going to happen to me."

Gibbs is not given to random criticism of other coaches, but it's no small secret that he hasn't thought much of the way Ryan and the Eagles have conducted themselves.

However, not everyone agrees. The Redskins received a phone call from a man identifying himself as "an Eagle season ticket holder since 1960" thanking the team for getting Ryan fired.Williams Moonlighting

Injured defensive tackle Eric Williams will cover this weekend's playoff game for his hometown newspaper -- the Stockton (Calif.) Record. Williams also met with Gibbs and said he wanted to stay involved with the team even thought he's unable to practice.

"I was really feeling sorry for myself last week," Williams said. "I couldn't take it. But I'm better now." . . . The Redskins have earned an extra $16,000 by advancing to a second playoff game. They got $6,000 for the wild-card game and winners and losers both get $10,000 for this week's game. Winners and losers also get $18,000 apiece for playing in the conference championship games. The Super Bowl pays winners an additional $36,000, losers $18,000. . . .

Chip Lohmiller made 30 of 40 field goals during the regular season. Four of his misses were from 50 yards or more. . . . The Redskins are 6-4 against playoff teams this season. . . . The 49ers have the NFL's longest playoff winning streak -- six games -- and the Redskins are second with a four-game streak . . . Redskins defensive tackle Tim Johnson was named defensive player of the week for the NFL wild-card games. Johnson recorded seven tackles, two sacks and forced a fumble in Saturday's win over the Eagles. Miami quarterback Dan Marino was named top offensive player.