The Redskins are still leaning toward activating quarterback Stan Humphries this week, even though it was wide receiver Walter Stanley who returned to practice yesterday.

Humphries and Stanley suffered knee injuries in Week 10 against Philadelphia, and both have been healthy enough to play for several weeks. But both have been stranded on injured reserve because the Redskins ran short of free roster moves.

Teams get an additional free move for every week they're in the playoffs, and they must use it or lose it. There's no question they'd like to bring both of them back, and if they get as far as the NFC championship game, both will be in uniform.

But for now, Humphries likely will be added to the 47-man roster though possibly placed on the two-man inactive squad. That appeared to be Coach Joe Gibbs's thinking even though he refused to commit to a decision.

"We'll probably go right down to Friday," he said. "I'd say we'll probably use the move and I'd say those are the most likely candidates." Or Maybe a Koala

Gibbs laughed off the concerns of 49ers Coach George Seifert, who said he spotted someone in an eucalyptus tree overlooking his practice. The implication was that the someone could have been a spy for the Redskins, there to watch practice and report to Gibbs.

"I'd take an oath on that one," he said. "I had nothing to do with the eucalyptus tree. Hey, if I had a eucalyptus tree and found someone in it, I'd probably be paranoid too. Our trees have no leaves. They're frozen stiff as a board just like I am. I doubt if anybody could climb one right now."

Seifert laughed off the tree incident yesterday, saying he knew it was probably a fan trying to watch practice. But there's also no question the 49ers are not the most relaxed team on earth.

"It's different from the Raiders," said Matt Millen, the former Raider and current 49er. "It started with Bill Walsh here and carried over. On the Raiders, the atmosphere comes from Al Davis. This is just a hunch, but I think Al and Bill are two different cuts of cloth." Johnson a 'Revelation'

One of the bright spots in last weekend's victory over the Eagles was the play of defensive tackle Tim Johnson. He moved into the starting lineup because of the injury to Eric Williams and had two sacks, a forced fumble and five tackles.

Previously, "he was doing a lot for us in nickel and spot playing and things like that," Gibbs said. "The way he played last week was a revelation to everybody. He made plays, was jumping over the top of things, played a great ballgame." Practice: All but One

All active Redskins practiced except leading receiver Gary Clark, who was on the field but as a spectator, still suffering from a sore knee and ankle. He'll play Saturday.