Pat Summerall, CBS-TV's top NFL play-by-play announcer, says a combination of alcohol and painkillers almost caused him to bleed to death last month.

Summerall, in an interview with the National published yesterday, said he has changed his routine since spending 10 days in a Florida hospital with upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

"I certainly won't be the last guy out of the bar anymore," Summerall, 60, said.

Summerall, a former NFL player, is troubled by arthritis in his back and in one knee. He said he took two painkillers in the morning and two more at noon, all on an empty stomach, on Dec. 8, a day before he worked the Chicago-at-Washington game. He said he then had three drinks before an afternoon production meeting and took four more painkillers later in the day.

"That's just like taking a shotgun and blowing a hole through your stomach," he said. "The doctors told me that if I drank again or took any painkillers I'd be dead very shortly."

Summerall, who has been with CBS for 29 years, missed the last three weeks of the regular season and the first week of the playoffs. He is set to return Sunday for the NFC playoff game between Chicago and New York.