Joe Theismann, in his role as an ESPN commentator, was back at Redskin Park yesterday for the first time since his remarks critical of Joe Gibbs and the coaching staff were published.

Gibbs and his former quarterback met for about an hour. Gibbs said only, "We had a good talk."

Theismann said a little more. He pointed out that he'd already apologized for calling Gibbs's staff "yes men" and said other remarks were somewhat taken out of context.

In the interview last month, Theismann said he believes Gibbs might be burned out and that he couldn't continue working 90-hour weeks without his health suffering. However, Theismann also said the Redskins are playing better than he originally thought they could, and that he wouldn't be surprised to see them in the Super Bowl.

"We talked and it was a good visit," Theismann said. "I told him why I said what I did. He explained some things that bothered him, and I understand. I'll tell you this, he looks good. He looks relaxed. He feels good about his team, how far it's come and the way it's playing. He should be proud. He's a great coach and I said that in the interview and still believe it." . . .

Quarterback Stan Humphries practiced for the first time since injuring his knee two months ago and likely will be activated for Saturday's game. Wide receiver Gary Clark (sore ankle, knee) again missed practice but is expected to play. . . .

Several Redskins, including Mark Rypien and Charles Mann, are growing beards and have vowed they won't cut them as long as they're winning. "Well, I'll keep trying," Rypien said. "Don't you think it looks nice?"

Gibbs: "I haven't had a beard in so long. They didn't tell me. They didn't ask me. I'll start mine right now."