Washington Bullets General Manager John Nash said injured forward John Williams wants to play soon, but that he will not be activated until he has reached the weight -- 265 pounds -- doctors have set as safe.

Williams will accompany the team on its West Coast trip next week and will practice with the squad, Nash said, although the forward probably will not be activated for at least "a couple of weeks."

He was examined in Washington Monday and is said to be about 10 pounds from his goal weight.

"He came in and {his knee} tests fine," Nash said. "He just needs to continue to drop some weight. He's plateaued a little bit right now. So we need to try and change the routine, up the tempo a little bit.

"His feeling is that if he could play, it would come off right away. But you can't do that without running the risk of taxing the knee to excess, which is why we've been so rigid on having {the weight} getting to a certain level. And I don't really see our doctors deviating from that. Nor should they."

Williams said before last night's game with the Clippers that he is hoping to play in the Jan. 23 home game with Atlanta.

With the Bullets going out west for a week, the only way Williams can get enough work is to go with them.

"We just haven't had enough practice time," Nash said. "The feeling was it would better serve us for him to go out and practice when he can. And when we don't practice, {assistants} Jeff {Bzdelik} or Bill {Blair} or {Coach} Wes {Unseld} can work him out. So he'll get a workout every day; basketball-type, as opposed to what he's been doing."