LOS ANGELES, JAN. 13 -- Before the season, Marcus Allen reportedly asked the Los Angeles Raiders to trade him. The word before the trading deadline in mid-October was that he was on his way to San Francisco.

But the trading deadline came and went and Allen is still around -- and so are the Raiders.

"Marcus was phenomenal," defensive tackle Bob Golic said after Allen gained 140 yards on 21 carries today to lead the Raiders past Cincinnati, 20-10, and into next Sunday's AFC championship game in Buffalo. "He's my hero. It's not just his talent, his ability. If he gets nicked, if he gets hurt, he keeps on going."

"Marcus Allen was not criticized, but challenged by some Bengals during the week," said Raiders defensive end Howie Long. "I've said it before: He's the toughest guy in the league."

Allen's load was increased after Bo Jackson strained his left hip at the end of a 34-yard run on the second play of the third quarter.

The injury shelved Jackson for the rest of the game, but he said he will play Sunday.

"We have two outstanding backs," Raiders Coach Art Shell said. "Marcus Allen has been the consummate team player. It's just the same kind of football he's been playing for us throughout his career."

About Jackson's injury, Allen said: "Bo and I always knew if one of us got hurt, the other would have to pick up the slack. Today it was my turn."