SUPERFAN: Tom Henschel, 49, is on a mission: to attend every Super Bowl. So far, he has.

But this year, even though the game is in Tampa, about 10 minutes from his home, he's still looking for a ticket. "It's an addiction," said Henschel, an airline baggage-service agent. "I'd pay $1,500. I'd pay $2,000.

Only 13 sports writers and seven photographers have covered every one of the first 24 Super Bowls, according to the NFL.

ROYAL FLUSH: Bills fans who waited until the end of Saturday's game to use the toilet were blamed for splitting an 8-inch water main in Amherst, N.Y.

"See how nice and high the pressure was at the kickoff?" George Markel, an Erie County Water Authority supervisor, said as he pointed to water flow charts. "Now see these here? Those are 4- to 6-pound pressure drops, and they coincide exactly with commercial breaks during the game."

NUMBERS GAME: Jerry Rice of the 49ers was the NFL's leading receiver with 1,502 yards, nearly 200 more than Lion Barry Sanders's league-leading rushing total of 1,304. It's the first time since 1969, excluding the '82 strike year, that the top receiver had more yards than the top rusher.