PORTLAND, JAN. 18 -- Washington Bullets forward Harvey Grant did not play against Portland tonight, as the shin splints that kept him out of the second half of Wednesday's game in Los Angeles continued to flare up.

"It's still bothering me," Grant said of the splints, irritations of the bone running from his ankle to just below his knee. "There's no use trying to go out there and play on an injury."

Grant, second on the team in scoring at 18.8 per game, said whether he'll play in Saturday's game in Seattle is still up in the air. Trainer John Lally said additional treatments would be given to Grant when the team reached Seattle.

Coach Wes Unseld was leaning toward starting Mark Alarie in his place. The Trail Blazers had problems of their own at power forward, where Buck Williams was touch-and-go to play because of a groin pull.No Go on Radio

Bullets radio broadcasts for tonight's game and Saturday's were again postponed so that WTOP-1500 and other radio stations on the Washington network could provide continuous coverage of the war. And Unseld's five-minute daily wrapup show has been preempted for the duration of the war.Williams's Workout

John Williams's Wednesday in Los Angeles went like this: sprints. "A lot of sprints in the sand," he said. "That lasted about an hour. Then I went and got something to eat. Then I had another workout right after I ate, went and lifted weights. That lasted up until about 3:30. Then I came to the game."

That is not Williams's usual itinerary in his home town. But times are different now. He's as close to getting back on the basketball court as he's been in more than a year, and his day is not his to do with what he wants anymore.

"I couldn't {do anything}," he said. "I had to work out. I had to try and get myself back together, stay focused on what I want to accomplish by the time I get back to Washington. You have to put friends aside and do what you have to do."

What Williams wants to do is play next Wednesday at home against the Hawks. That will depend on his physical and weigh-in Monday or Tuesday. If he's not at 265 pounds, he won't be cleared to play.