HONOLULU, JAN. 19 -- John Langeloh and Jarrod Bunch, from Big Ten rivals Michigan State and Michigan, teamed today to provide the East with three field goals and a touchdown in a 23-10 victory over the West in the Hula Bowl.

One of the field goals was set up by Virginia's Shawn Moore, who scrambled out of trouble from his end zone and threw a 32-yard completion.

Langeloh, a kicker from Michigan State, tied a Hula Bowl record with three field goals -- 31, 42 and 22 yards. Benefitting from an agreement that there would be no rush on kicks or punts, he was named the game's most valuable offensive player.

"I knew they wouldn't be coming, and that helped," Langeloh said.

Bunch, a Michigan running back, twisted and broke tackles to score a 15-yard second-quarter touchdown.

Oregon quarterback Bill Musgrave, moved from the West to the East team after Miami's Craig Erickson sprained his right knee during practice, threw a second-quarter 12-yard touchdown pass to Florida State's Lawrence Dawsey.

Moore provided the game's most exciting moment in the third quarter. He scrambled 20 yards back into his end zone, rolled to his right and hit Dawsey with a 32-yard pass.