NEW YORK, JAN. 22 -- The U.S. Tennis Association has requested the International Tennis Federation postpone the U.S. Davis Cup team's first-round tie with Mexico, scheduled for Feb. 1-3 in Mexico City, because of the Persian Gulf crisis, the USTA announced today.

USTA President David Markin said in a statement: "The decision to request postponement was made after discussions with players, parents and various individuals and organizations.

"We feel that world conditions and the atmosphere surrounding this event are not in the best interest of tennis and the U.S. Davis Cup team. We have an obligation to our players and believe the postponement is best for all concerned."

One other world group tie and six regional group matches already have been postponed because of the crisis.

Next month's Davis Cup match between France and Israel scheduled to be played in Marseilles was tentatively rescheduled for March 29-31.

Also, the U.S. soccer team canceled its Feb. 14 game in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

"If it was three weeks ago, we would have gone," Sunil Gulati, the director of the U.S. national teams, said. "Now, certainly not."

The proposed game never was formally announced because of the threat of war in the Persian Gulf. However, he said, the game had been agreed to.