The waiting will continue for John Williams at least one more week, and it's becoming increasingly clear that the injured forward probably will not return to the Washington Bullets' active roster until the NBA takes its several days' break for the Feb. 10 all-star game.

Williams underwent a battery of tests and examinations yesterday, and while his knee showed good signs of progress, General Manager John Nash said the overall picture was not good enough to get Williams activated for tonight's Capital Centre game with Atlanta, which had been Williams's target date. He will not be activated this week.

"That's not to be interpreted as disappointing," Nash said. "What John did was get a little ambitious in setting his goals. We're not discouraged at all. The early results are encouraging."

Those results concerned his knee, but the question of Williams's weight will have to wait until Nash issues a statement this morning. The Bullets will not activate Williams until he weighs at most 265 pounds. Before he went west with the team to participate in workouts, he had about 10 pounds left to take off.

Williams was examined by four doctors, including team physician Stephen Haas, and a therapist yesterday. X-rays of his knee were taken, along with magnetic resonance imaging scans. His knee was also tested on Cybex equipment and was manipulated manually to test for flexibility. And he was weighed.

It was the most Williams has been examined in one day since he returned to the squad a day before the regular season opened in November, though he's been given similar tests stretched over two days.

Lack of practice time continues to be a problem. Washington played four games in five nights last week, and the day off involved travel from Los Angeles to Portland, scuttling any workout plans. The Bullets are playing four games in six nights this week and four in five the following week. The only two-day idle stretch for the Bullets between now and the all-star break will be Feb. 4 and 5.

"There was no way to judge," Coach Wes Unseld said of Williams's workouts last week. "You can run and run and run and all that's good until you get into an actual game situation. And we weren't able to do that because we never had time to practice. That would be my first {preference} but I've got to get the clearance from other people."

Nash acknowledged that waiting until the Feb. 8-11 all-star break, which segues nicely into a three-game Texas trip lasting five days, is a possibility.

"We've been reluctant to set dates," Nash said, "because it's been so difficult to monitor. It's determinant on two things: weight loss and the stability of the knee. It could be sooner than {the all-star break}. If not, so be it."

Bullets Notes:

Today's scheduled bone scan for forward Harvey Grant was called off when Grant showed no symptoms of any difficulties in his right leg during or after Monday's game. Trainer John Lally said the most Grant could have is a bruised bone, and not the shin splints Grant said last week he had. But Lally provided Grant different orthotics to wear on his leg, and testing Monday showed no signs of a problem.