TAMPA, JAN. 24 -- Giants Coach Bill Parcells has hinted several times this season that if his team wins another Super Bowl, he'll retire.

Parcells backed off some of those statements today, saying only that he had a year left on his contract and would sit down and talk with his family after the season before making a decision.

However, he admitted that coaching takes a toll and "it's becoming more difficult. There doesn't seem to be any respite. To give you an idea, one of the things I did yesterday was make sure our coaches were booked into the scouting combine next week in Indianapolis. With Plan B, the various all-star games and the draft, you get no break until May. Coaches used to take a break from after the season until mid-February. Plan B has changed that. It's like starting over every year with your 37 protected players."

Other Thoughts

Bills defensive end Leon Seals flew from Sunday's AFC championship game to Louisiana to attend his mother's funeral. He arrived in Tampa Tuesday, but said his heart hasn't been in the game.

"I thought about not even coming," he said, "but I know if my mother were alive, she would beat the heck out of me for considering not playing. . . . My teammates have been great, and this has been a week to think about all the things she taught me and all the things she wanted me to accomplish. The coaches, front office and everyone have been one solid family and helped me through this."

Who's That 93, Anyway?

Parcells had his running backs wear jersey numbers in the 90s for this afternoon's two-hour practice. He said the switch was made because he wasn't sure who could be watching his closed practice and he didn't want any secrets disclosed.

Everything else about their second practice at the University of Tampa was normal, including tight end Mark Bavaro working out for the first time.

"I expect everybody to play," Parcells said. "We've still got a little work to do, but we're close to being ready. Close, but not 100 percent."

Walking Wounded

The Bills again worked for two hours at One Buc Place and tight end Butch Rolle (ankle) didn't practice and remains questionable for the game. Linebacker Matt Monger, on injured reserve, practiced again and could be activated.

Running back Don Smith, who left Wednesday's practice because his pregnant wife, Erica, was admitted to the hospital, returned to practice. Erica Smith remained in a Tampa hospital under observation after experiencing premature labor.

Equal Punishment

Parcells on his penchant for screaming at players: "I tell guys at the beginning of camp that if you're too sensitive you're not going to last around here. It's a two-way street too, because guys give it back to me. They're allowed to talk. You've got to get a little response from your students and pupils or you don't know whether or not you're getting to them or not."

Quick Snaps

Giants defensive end Leonard Marshall said one way to slow the Bills' no-huddle offense would be to have officials make sure they're lined up and set before the ball is snapped: "We watched the Raider game and it didn't look like they were lined up or set all the time. {Center} Kent Hull does some things with the ball and they definitely get away with some things."