Michael Jordan, in a rare shot at his team's management, said he was disappointed at the failure of the Bulls to acquire veteran G Walter Davis, who averaged 18.1 points a game with the Nuggets.

Davis, who some felt could be the pure shooter the Bulls' need, was obtained by the Trail Blazers from the Nuggets.

Jordan said if the Trail Blazers -- who have a much larger payroll, a better team, a better record and a smaller market -- could make a deal to get Davis, Bulls General Manager Jerry Krause could have done it, too.

"If I were GM, we wouldn't be in this position," said Jordan. "{The Bulls} certainly would be much stronger."

Krause said talks with Denver over Davis just didn't gel.


Xavier McDaniel of the Suns was fined $1,500 for fighting with Portland's Jerome Kersey. NBA official Rod Thorn said McDaniel started the incident in Tuesday night's game by throwing a forearm at Kersey.


The Trail Blazers have the best record in the NBA, but they won't have a player in the starting lineup in the All-Star Game.

G Kevin Johnson of Phoenix edged Clyde Drexler by 31,468 votes in fan balloting for the starting spot. It was the closest race for any spot on either team.