The Virginia pep band must make changes in its format if it wants to continue performing at Cavaliers football games, university officials said.

The band angered Tennessee football fans during the Sugar Bowl Jan. 1 with its satirical routine on the death of Elvis Presley, whose home was in Memphis.

For years, the student-run band's brand of humor has offended the sensibilities of visiting teams' fans, as well as some Cavaliers fans.

Some Virginia fans have suggested that the band be replaced by a full-fledged marching band now that the Cavaliers' football program has gained national prominence. . . .

Forward Wayne Sims's banishment from the Louisiana State basketball team lasted less than a month. Coach Dale Brown has reinstated Sims less than a month after the senior was "permanently" thrown off the team.

Sims was kicked off the team Jan. 4 after he was booked by campus police for driving while intoxicated.

"Just as I believe unacceptable behavior cannot be tolerated, I also believe that exemplary behavior can be rewarded," Brown said in a statement. "Wayne Sims, after missing seven games in his senior year, deserves another chance. I believe that his reinstatement will be an important step in making the most of the rest of his life."