BOSTON, FEB. 3 -- Washington Bullets forward John Williams said today he's agreeable to playing before the all-star break if the team is agreeable to activating him.

"I'm willing to get out there and try under the circumstances," Williams said, the circumstances being that the Bullets have lost half of their team to one malady or another in the last four days.

"We've got a lot of players going down with injuries," he said. "If it were really up to me, I'd like to be out there and try to give it a shot."

Williams asked the team to activate him for last Friday's game with Detroit, he said, but the team declined his request.

"It's not up to me," he said. "It's up to the organization to make that decision. Until that decision is made I'll just continue to travel with the team and work out. . . . I would say {he could play} six to eight minutes a quarter. Realistically, maybe 12 minutes a game."

Said Coach Wes Unseld: "I'll re-evaluate it tomorrow. We'll work him out at practice and make a decision. But I would say that if we had 12 healthy players." Add Ellison to the List

New to the walking wounded is Pervis Ellison, who looked like a mummy after the game, with ice wrapped to his sore back across his torso.

Ellison said he hurt himself underneath the basket last week against Miami. He played with the pain the last three games and today, he scored 12 points but had just two rebounds in 30 minutes. And because Charles Jones couldn't play on his pulled hamstring, Ellison got his first start as a Bullet.

"I got up this morning and I couldn't bend over," he said. "I thought if I kept playing, it would loosen up. It wasn't pain here, pain there. I just couldn't move." . . .

The Bullets stayed with the company line that their slew of injuries should not be an excuse for their play. But the reality is that Washington had to put Bernard King and Tom Hammonds at off guard at times today when Byron Irvin came out for a rest.

Speaking of Irvin, he's just the latest player whose name was botched by the uniform company the Bullets use. Today, his jersey read "IRVING" across the back.