Pete Rose issued a statement yesterday in which he emphasized once again that he has never admitted betting on major league games. Other than that, he did not address Monday's decision to exclude him from the Hall of Fame ballot.

"I believe that it is not proper for me to make any detailed comments," Rose said in a statement issued by the firm that handles his public appearances. "It is a matter simply beyond my control. I am still paying my debt to society. I am anxious to put this phase of my life behind me and go on."

Rose began a three-month term in a Cincinnati halfway house on Jan. 7 following a five-month prison sentence. As part of his guilty plea to charges of filing false federal income tax returns, he must perform 1,000 hours of community service.

The major league leader in career hits said he wanted to "correct an erroneous statement by many of the media and others, that I am on baseball's ineligible list for betting on baseball."

"That is not true," the statement said. "The agreement commissioner {Bart} Giamatti and I signed dated Aug. 23, 1989, states in the fourth paragraph: 'The commissioner will not make any formal findings or determination on any matter, including without limitation the allegation that Peter Edward Rose bet on any major league baseball game.' "

However, Giamatti said at a news conference the following day he had concluded that Rose bet on major league games, including games involving his Cincinnati Reds.