PHILADELPHIA, FEB. 6 -- Bernard King is the Washington Bullets player in the all-star weekend. But the Bullets' television analyst will be playing in Charlotte too. He has a history with these games, after all.

Phil Chenier, of Home Team Sports and WDCA-TV-20, will make his first appearance in the Legends game for former stars, the event that shares all-star Saturday billing with the three-point shooting and slam-dunk contests.

"Wes asked if I was interested in playing," Chenier said of his former teammate, Bullets Coach Wes Unseld. "When I got back, {Bullets executive} Susan O'Malley told me that the league had called and asked if I was interested in playing. I was out of town at the time. Fortunately, she went out on a limb and said yes."

Chenier, 40, averaged 17.9 points in a nine-year career with the Bullets, and is in the top 10 in almost all franchise categories. He'll be on the Eastern team coached by Jack Ramsay, the former NBA coach now an analyst for 76ers games.

"I'm real excited," Chenier said. "My kids are going down with me, and they're excited. . . . If nothing else, you're going to see a number of guys you haven't seen in a while. I just ran into {Ramsay} a minute ago. I have to get myself in the right frame of mind, because some of those guys take it pretty seriously. I understand Murph {Calvin Murphy} takes it to heart, and Rick Barry's pretty serious too." Eackles Light, Weak

Ledell Eackles returned tonight after missing two games with flu. He guard has dropped weight since being sick, which is good, but he lost strength too.

He felt weak in the pregame shoot.

"My arms hurt now," he said. "I don't know . . . When I go out there I'll play until I get tired or I can't help the team anymore."

In the game, he went four of 14, missing several wide-open shots. Smith: 'An Overachiever'

New Bullet Clinton Smith broke in with the Golden State Warriors in 1986. He is one of only a handful of fifth- or later-round picks who have made NBA rosters in the last five years.

"That's pretty much what I've been all my life, an overachiever," the 6-foot-6 guard said. "I played forward in college {at Cleveland State} and center in high school . . . I got a lot of experience playing with {Warriors} Chris Mullin, Purvis Short, Sleepy Floyd. But I concentrated on defense and handled the ball because I liked to pass it and see other guys score."