Five Quince Orchard High School students, four of whom play for the boys varsity basketball team, were injured in a car accident yesterday afternoon after two cars collided on Route 28 in Gaithersburg on the way to the school's basketball game at Whitman High School.

Seniors Aaron Duffin and Eric Fuller were taken by helicopter to Suburban Hospital. Duffin was treated for minor injuries and released, said a nurse supervisor. Fuller was admitted in stable condition and held overnight for observation.

The three other students, including two unidentified junior members of the team and one unidentified senior girl, were taken to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Gaithersburg, where they were released later in the day, said resource nurse Marie Holderbaum.

According to Assistant Principal Francis Rosenbacker, the car was traveling toward Rockville on Route 28 within a quarter-mile of Quince Orchard at about 2:45 when the other car pulled out of a parking lot.

"Aaron had a bump on his head and Fuller had an injured hand," said Rosenbacker, who visited the players at Suburban.

Rosenbacker was given an account of the accident from one of the other students admitted to Shady Grove.

Rosenbacker said the student was on crutches but "seemed to be okay."

Whitman Coach Russ Rushton, who also is a math teacher at Quince Orchard, said "everyone was extremely grateful that the injuries were extremely light. . . . It could have been a lot worse."

The game was postponed.