Boston Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens is hoping to overturn the suspension levied against him for his profane blowup with umpire Terry Cooney in the AL playoffs last year, according to a published report.

It has been learned by the New York Daily News that in its appeal to American League president Bobby Brown, the Players Association has presented tapes that conclusively show Clemens saying "I'm not {expletive} talking to you, just keep your {expletive} mask on" just before Cooney ejected him in the second inning of the fourth game in last year's AL playoffs against Oakland.

Cooney's quick hook came after Clemens became enraged over the umpire's ball-four call on Willie Randolph. Clemens's 3-1 pitch to Randolph was a fastball down the middle of the plate, but when Cooney called it a ball, Clemens reportedly began yelling "that {expletive} pitch was right down the middle of the {expletive} plate."

The ejection of Clemens touched off one of baseball's biggest controversies, with one side, led by the Players Association, insisting that Cooney should be reprimanded for taking the game into his own hands by not warning the Red Sox' ace pitcher before ejecting him. To the best of anyone's knowledge, no action was taken against Cooney, but Clemens has been suspended for the first five games of next season (two starts) and fined $10,000 for his actions.