The Evander Holyfield-George Foreman heavyweight fight will remain scheduled for April 19 in Atlantic City.

Donald Trump, whose Trump Plaza will be the fight promoter, said last Wednesday that because of the situation in the Persian Gulf, a war clause should be invoked and that his site fee of $11 million should be reduced.

But co-promoters Bob Arum and Dan Duva, in the presence of Trump, said at a news conference yesterday in Atlantic City that the site fee will remain $11 million and that the fighters' purses will be unaffected -- guarantees of $20 million for Holyfield and $12.5 million for Foreman.

"It was the greatest publicity stunt I have ever seen," Duva said of Trump's threat to invoke the war clause.

Arum said Trump's action "had the effect of galvanizing other Atlantic City casinos and of generating publicity. Obviously, it was not staged."

Trump has paid $3.5 million, and the rest of the site fee will come out of the live gate, which everyone agreed will be substantial.

Trump said: "Let's just say we've made some adjustments, and I'm very happy with these adjustments." . . .

In Basildon, England, former world welterweight champion Lloyd Honeyghan (36-3) stopped John Welters (24-4) in the first round to win his second fight as a junior middleweight.