HOUSTON, FEB. 14 -- They've been together for months, working out, eating together, trying to rework John Williams's body into NBA shape. Now that Williams is back among the active, Dennis Householder can go home.

Householder, the Bullets' strength and conditioning coach, has been on the road with the team the last few weeks, keeping an eye on Williams's progress. The lessons taught have been as rudimentary as knowing what Williams can and can't eat in hotel restuarants.

"John's done a great job of getting other people in shape too," Householder said. "I've been working out with him and doing some running. {Public relations director} Rick Moreland worked out a couple of times. {Assistant coach} Jeff Bzdelik ran with him too. It would all be worth it if he comes back and really contributes to the team. We've still got a little bit more weight to go."

Williams is now at 260 pounds. The Bullets would like to see him get down to 245 before they feel comfortable. That's the weight at which they've always wanted him to play.

"At least he knows enough to eat breakfast in the mornings," Householder said. "He knows what he's supposed to do. I think he understands why. John's not a dumb person. Nutrition-wise in this league, I don't know of too many {healthy} people. That's one of the things with Harvey {Grant}, who just learned about nutrition."

Now it's time for Householder to move on to his next project.

"The next one is Pervis Ellison," Householder said. "He doesn't know anything about when or why he eats. He doesn't eat that much. He doesn't have a big appetite. And he probably eats at the wrong times. He doesn't eat breakfast and wonders why he's tired."

Fostering NCAA Charges

Greg Foster's alma mater is on the spot.

Texas-El Paso, where the rookie center played for three seasons, is conducting its own investigation after 13 allegations of wrongdoing were lodged by the NCAA.

"I know they were investigating them when I was there," Foster said. "We had talked to the NCAA. Nothing really came from it, I guess. I don't know what's going to happen."

Foster hasn't been contacted by the NCAA recently, he said. The organization conducted a 14-month investigation beginning in December 1989, after several former players and an assistant coach described rules violations.

"They talked to a few of us my last year there," he said. "I don't know if this is stemming from that, or what. I haven't really been looking into it. I might get called in, you never know. I haven't talked to anybody from the school."