TROY, ALA. -- Troy State Coach Don Maestri adopted the run-and-shoot style after watching Loyola Marymount on television. But even he didn't think it could work this well: Two games, two records. A total of 349 points -- 103 in one half alone.

"It's stunning to be able to do this two nights in a row," Maestri said after the Trojans pounded DeVry Institute 187-117 Friday night to break their own one-day-old NCAA Division II scoring record. They set the mark 24 hours earlier by beating Columbus College, 162-130.

"It's really the Paul Westhead system," Maestri said, referring to the former Loyola Marymount coach who's now with the Denver Nuggets. "Tonight and last night we ran it about as close to perfection as you can run it."

Against Columbus, the Trojans (17-7) led only 68-59 at the half but scored 94 points in the final 20 minutes. Friday in the second half, they scored 103 points -- an NCAA record for any division -- after building an 84-46 lead at halftime.

"It was like a little light bulb went off and the kids said, 'Hey, if we can stay hot, we've got a chance to do better than last night,' " Maestri said. "From that point on, they just kept on going, one kid after another."