Atlanta Falcons -- In addition to Campbell, the team cut WRs Mike Renfroe, Karl Miller and Mike Williams; K Rich Karlis; RB Mike Pringle; TEs Randy Austin and Rich Bartlewski; DL Oscar Giles; LB George Koonce; CB Brian Mitchell; OL Jay Pennison; DT Joe Sims.Buffalo Bills -- Will not report until today. Chicago Bears -- Released LB Mickey Pruitt; WRs Glen Kozlowski, Nigel Codrington, Tom Waddle and Eric Wright; TE James Coley; QB Paul Justin; OL Tom Backes; CBs John Hardy and James Lott; and T Mike Husar.Cincinnati Bengals -- Waived RBs Stanford Jennings and Mike Dingle, DL Jason Buck and Skip McClendon, LBs Leo Barker and Craig Ogletree, WRs Rob Carpenter and Shane Garrett, DE Bob Dahl, CB Richard Fain, T Rick Trumbull, and Ss Joe King and Fernandus Vinson.Cleveland Browns -- Waived RBs Derrick Gainer and Archie Herring; DE Tom Gibson and Greg Mark; DT Jim Thornton; LBs David Grayson and Eddie Johnson; OL Ben Jefferson (Maryland), Kevin Robbins and Gregg Rakoczy; WRs Vernon Joines (Maryland) and Tyrone Shavers; S Robert Lyons. Placed P Brian Greenfield, CB Mark Harper and DB Ray Irvin on injured reserve. S Thane Gash and TEs John Talley and Lawyer Tillman were put on the physically-unable-to-perform list.Dallas Cowboys -- Along with Stoudt and Musgrave, the team released Ss Vince Albritton and Stan Smagala, WRs James Dixon and Derrick Shepard, FB Reginald Warmsley, DB Odie Harris, OL Freddie Childress and Mike Sullivan, TE Craig Hudson and G James Richards. Placed DT Dean Hamel on injured reserve. Denver Broncos -- Kevin Clark, who led NFL with a kickoff return average of 25.3 yards last season and ranked sixth in the AFC in punt returns, and former Maryland WR Barry Johnson were among 13 cuts. Also released: DL Don Gibson, Andre Townsend, David Galloway and Jim Szymanski; DB Marcus Hopkins and Kip Corrington; LB Scott Curtis and Mark Murray; TE Keith Jennings; OL Brent Parkinson.Detroit Lions -- Waived RBs James Wilder and Don Overton; K Rick Andrews; LB Mark Brown; DE Mark Duckens; C Eddie Grant; DT Gary Hadd; DBs Herb Welch and Chris Oldham; T Caesar Rentie; TE Derek Tennell; WRs Darrell Wallace, Frank Pillow and Robert Claiborne.Green Bay Packers -- Waived Dilweg and three starters from last season: CB Mark Lee and OL Billy Ard and Keith Uecker. Also released: S Tiger Greene, RB Derrick Douglas, TE Brian Kinchen, WR Mark Stock, NT John Jurkovic, LB Reggie Burnette, CB Ventson Donelson and P Bobby Lilljedahl. K Brad Daluiso was traded to Atlanta for a 1992 draft choice as Chris Jacke ended his holdout and reported.Houston Oilers -- Waived Ss Terry Kinard and John Hagy, KR Gerald McNeil, QB Reggie Slack, C Eric Norgard and OL Scott Thomas and Joey Banes.Indianapolis Colts -- Waived WRs James Bradley and Darvell Huffman; RBs Howard Griffith and Brian Lattimore; LBs Cedric Figaro, Frank Gianetti and Walter Johnson; C Rob Luedeke; OL Chris Conlin, Pat Cunningham, Phil Pozderac and Darin Shoulders; DB George Streeter; and TE Robert Tyler.Kansas City Chiefs -- Cut 11-year DE Mike Bell, QB Mike Elkins, WRs Bobby Olive and Willie Davis, CB Darrell Malone, LB Ricky Shaw, NT Patrick Swoopes and TE Danta Whitaker.Los Angeles Raiders -- In addition to Evans, released LB Jerry Robinson and WR Ron Brown. Also cut were WR Mike Alexander, TE Greg Harrell, OL Josh Taotoai and Rich Stephens, DL Mike Charles, LB Brian Jones and DBs Dennis Johnson and Derrick Crudup. Los Angeles Rams -- In addition to Long, team cut C Doug Smith; CB Latin Berry; WRs Stacey Bailey, Derrick Faison (Howard), Jimmy Raye and Jarrod Delaney; RB Aaron Emmanuel; LB Terry Crews; DT Ben Thomas; T Neal Fort. Placed CB Alfred Jackson on the waived-injured list. Miami Dolphins -- Released 12 players, including LB Barry Krauss. Also cut: CB Paul Lankford, TEs Greg Baty and Eric Sievers (Maryland), WR Andre Brown, LB Mark Sander, DEs Donnie Gardner and Joe Brunson, and OL Dave Zawatson, Jack Linn, Ernie Rogers and Darren Handy. S Liffort Hobley went to the physically-unable-to-perform list. Minnesota Vikings -- K Donald Igwebuike, FS Darrell Fullington, WR Leo Lewis and RB Darrin Nelson were cut, along with FB Cedric Smith, WRs Wayne Walker and Terry Obee, CB Alonzo Hampton, DL Mike Hammerstein, LB Ivan Caesar and OL Scott Adams, Mike Morris and Craig Wolfley. Igwebuike, whose .755 accuracy mark is one of the NFL's all-time best, made 14 of 16 field goals last season. New England Patriots -- Cut CBs Ron Francis, Junior Robinson and David Key; LB Reggie Clark; DE Tim Edwards; WRs Gene Taylor and Sean Foster; TEs Kirk Warner and Richard Gicewicz; RB Victor Jones; P Sean McCarthy; and C Blake Miller. Put G Calvin Stephens on injured reserve.New Orleans Saints -- Waived WRs Lonzell Hill, Michael Simmons and Pat Newman; RB Fred McAfee; TE Frank Wainwright; T Mike Keim; G Hayward Haynes; LBs Scott Ross, Lonnie Brockman and Craig Callahan; CBs Lonnie Finch and Calvin Nicholson; S Ernest Spears.New York Giants -- Dave Duerson, the one-time Pro Bowl safety who has Super Bowl rings with the Bears and Giants, was among 13 players cut. Also released: QB Mike Perez, TEs Bob Mrosko and Richard Ashe, OL Sean Love and Tom Rehder, WRs Jerry Bouldin and Joey Smith, RB Duane Kinnon, DL Dennis Tripp, Chad Rolen and Chris Gale.New York Jets -- Cut P Joe Prokop; DL Gerald Nichols and John Bosa; QB Turk Schonert; DBs Mike Mayes, Kenneth Johnson and Travis Curtis; TEs Chris Dressel and Doug Wellsandt; and rookie RBs Blaise Bryant and Leroy Kinard. LB Joe Mott put on IR. Philadelphia Eagles -- Cut RB Anthony Toney; WRs Mike Bellamy, Kenny Jackson, Melvin Patterson and Joe Sweeley; RB Roger Vick; LBs Ken Benson and Ron Goetz; DL Mike Renna; DB David Johnson; Ts Daryle Smith and Eric Harmon; TE Maurice Johnson. Phoenix Cardinals -- Besides Manley, cuts included LBs Anthony Bell, Willie Wright and Scott Evans; WRs Amod Field, John Jackson, Anthony Edwards and Darren Flutie; TE Jerry Evans; OL Ed Vega; NT Vance Hammond; S Nathan LaDuke. Placed QB Timm Rosenbach on IR. Pittsburgh Steelers -- QB Rick Strom and NT Garry Howe were among 13 players waived. Also released: QB Sam Mannery, TE Terry O'Shea, TE Bruce McGonnigal (Virginia), OT Ariel Solomon, Ss Kevin Smith and Efrum Thomas, CB Shawn Vincent, C Jerrod Johnson, DL Lorenzo Freeman and WRs Cornell Burbage and Ron Fair. San Diego Chargers -- Waived C Mike Heldt; CB Bobby Humphery; DB Darren Carrington; DT Mark Mraz; former Redskins TEs Craig McEwen and Terry Orr; LB Andy Katoa and Stephon Weatherspoon; T Mike Withycombe; RB Chris Samuels; S Martin Bayless; WRs Walter Wilson and Yancey Thigpen.San Francisco 49ers -- RB Terrence Flagler and former Redskins P Ralf Mojsiejenko were among 10 players released. CB Darryl Pollard was placed on IR, as were rookie RB Sheldon Canley and rookie T Scott Bowles. Also cut: P Paul McJulien, RB Adam Walker, C Dean Caliguire, G Tom Neville, DE Alonzo Mitt, and LBs LeRoy Etienne, Antonio Goss and Martin Harrison. Team has no punter on the roster. Seattle Seahawks -- Waived K Norm Johnson; WR Paul Skansi; LBs Darren Comeaux and Donald Miller; TE Ron Heller; G Curt Singer; C Stan Eisenhooth; Ss Kevin Thompson and Dedrick Dodge; DEs Bob Buczkowski and Michael Sinclair; CB Malcolm Frank.Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Released WRs Danny Peebles, Chris Ford and Terry Anthony; RBs John Harvey, Bruce Perkins and Jamie Lawson; QB Pat O'Hara; LB Maurice Oliver; DL Al Chamblee and Robb White; OL Carl Bax. Placed DBs Darryl Reed and Eric Everett on injured reserve.