Loyola Marymount University announced it will pay $545,000 to settle a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the mother of basketball star Hank Gathers.

University attorney Wayne Boehle said he gave a $145,000 check to an attorney representing Lucille Gathers, with the balance due Thursday.

"If we consider our legal responsibilities, I don't believe the university had any," Boehle said. "But when you consider our moral obligations, and the loss of a husband or father, I believe we reached a just settlement."

Bruce Fagel, attorney for Lucille Gathers, said in a news release that the money probably will be divided between his client and Gathers's son, Aaron Crump.

Gathers, 23, collapsed March 4, 1990, during a West Coast Conference tournament game and died less than two hours later. The cause of death was found to be cardiomyopathy, or an irregular heartbeat, for which Gathers previously had been prescribed the drug Inderal.

Lucille Gathers and other relatives filed suits seeking $32.5 million against the university, basketball coach Paul Westhead, the physician who treated Gathers for his heart problem and others. Westhead was dismissed from the suits, and paid nothing.

The family contended Westhead persuaded cardiologist Vernon T. Hattori to reduce Gathers's dosage because it impaired playing ability. Hattori settled with the plaintiffs in December for $1 million. Louise Gathers received $350,000 of that and the remainder went to Gathers's son.

The family has lawsuits pending against physicians Benjamin Shaefer and Daniel Hyslop. The family contends the doctors failed to treat Gathers promptly and properly after he collapsed.