In a report to be released Wednesday, the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Gender Equity Task Force listed 13 guidelines to promote equity among its member institutions, including raising the number of scholarships given to women and improving proportionality in men's and women's sports.

Other suggestions included "equitable recruiting and scholarship resources and efforts" for men's and women's sports; equitable provision of equipment; equitable compensation for coaches and travel; and "aggressive efforts" in recruiting and hiring more female coaches.

However, the report, which changed little from a preliminary report released in April, did not include a provision for enforcing the guidelines.

Ellen Vargyas, senior counsel for the National Women's Law Center and consultant to the task force, said there were "no big surprises" in the report but added, "It's more than they've ever done before."

A criticism of the preliminary report was the inclusion of football and men's basketball under gender equity guidelines. Critics said these sports are revenue-generators and should not be included because they would suffer. The final report did not set those sports outside gender equity guidelines and said revenue produced from those sports should be used in part to enhance opportunities in women's athletics.

The report will now go to the NCAA Council, which meets Wednesday through Friday in Avon, Colo. The council can decide to vote the report into legislation, send it to committees for changes or change it itself. If the report is passed into legislation by the council, it will be voted on at the January convention of the NCAA member institutions.