Charles Barkley lashed out at NBC prior to Game 4 of the Western Conference finals today, saying the network -- especially studio host Hannah Storm -- misconstrued his comments about his team's lack of hunger.

Barkley's comments were aired Saturday during halftime of Saturday's the Bulls-Heat game. About his Houston Rockets, he said: "A lot of guys on our team have accomplished things they want to, and they're kind of lackadaisical at times."

Later, he added, "It's probably the only thing that disappoints me about our team. We have a lot of veteran guys who have accomplished what they want to accomplish, and they don't feel that sense of urgency that I feel or that Eddie Johnson feels or Sedale {Threatt} or Kevin Willis."

Following his remarks, Storm said: "Well, Barkley always calls it like he sees it. And when he mentions the players who have won titles with the Houston Rockets, the three who get the most significant minutes are Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler and Mario Elie. But Barkley saying, flat out, that those players -- at least one of them, we don't know which one -- is providing a lackadaisical effort."

After her comments, the NBC studio team of Storm, Julius Erving, Peter Vecsey and Mike Fratello then debated the merits of Barkley's remarks. When Barkley arrived in the locker room today an hour before tip-off, Drexler asked him who his comments were directed toward.

"It was about the team," Barkley said. "And I'm really upset about what NBC did." Barkley then turned his ire toward NBC reporter Jim Gray and made several derogatory comments about Storm and the network.

"You tell {NBC Sports President} Dick Ebersol I don't appreciate what they did," Barkley said. "I don't have to go work for them, even though I told them I would. . . . It doesn't surprise me though because it was Hannah Storm. Women shouldn't be announcing men's sports, anyway."

Gray then told Barkley he could state his objection on camera.

Barkley agreed to do so, but toned down his comments considerably when the tape was rolling. When the tape stopped rolling, Barkley called Storm an expletive. Storm, asked about Barkley's tirade, declined to comment.

"What Charles said was that at this stage of his career the urgency of winning a championship is particularly important to him," Drexler said after the game. "We all want to win it -- especially for the guys who haven't won a championship."