Notre Dame's decision Friday to rebuff the Big Ten Conference and remain an independent in football could begin a chain reaction that leads to Navy joining a conference for football, Athletic Director Jack Lengyel said this weekend. But he also said he doesn't expect Navy to make a move any time soon. Navy is a member of the Patriot League for many of the other sports in which it competes intercollegiately. "I think the moves aren't over," said Lengyel. "I think the second thing now is that the Big Ten is probably going to reach over and take Missouri {from the Big 12}. That will start a whole new set of chain reactions, and when that occurs it will be interesting to see what the other {conferences} do. "Navy's plans are to evaluate what we're looking at once the changes are made." Lengyel has long said Navy would evaluate its options about joining a conference in football once Notre Dame made its decision. Navy has never had a league affiliation in football and is one of eight Division I-A programs playing as independents. The others are Notre Dame, Central Florida, Louisiana Tech, Northeast Louisiana, Alabama-Birmingham, Arkansas State and Southwest Louisiana. Remaining independent offers teams freedom in scheduling, but also can limit bowl opportunities because of the large number of contracts under which conferences supply the teams for certain bowl games. Staying independent "is one of our options, certainly, but I think independence today may be difficult," said Lengyel, who added that the possible creation of a national playoff could lead to expansion within conferences. "If there's a chance {at joining a conference}, we have to look at it. I think it's in our best interest to wait as long as possible to evaluate what is available, then try to make the best decision."