As Billy Donovan's reputation grows, so does the cost of keeping him at Florida.

Hoping to stave off a bidding war for one of college basketball's top young coaches, Florida's athletic director agreed to terms with Donovan on a five-year contract worth $700,000 per season. Donovan, who turns 34 Sunday, said he had been contacted by other schools last season, but had no intention of leaving regardless of his contract status.

"We not only have some good basketball players here, but they're quality kids, kids I enjoy coaching," Donovan said. "To go somewhere else and start all over again doesn't really make any sense."

U-M. PROBE: The University of Michigan is investigating allegations that a booster had dealings with men's basketball players after he was banned from associating with the team in 1997, according to newspaper reports.

Provost Nancy Cantor said Thursday that a four-member faculty committee would review athletic department reforms begun in 1997 as a result of an NCAA-mandated probe of Ed Martin's contacts with former players and coaches, the Detroit Free Press reported.

As part of that probe, the FBI reportedly is examining whether Martin gave large amounts of cash and loans to several former Wolverines players, dating from the Fab Five era in the early 1990s.

EQUAL PAY: Furman women's basketball coach Sherry Carter has filed a federal complaint, saying she should be paid as much as men's basketball coach Larry Davis. Carter said she tried in vain for 10 years to get the university to address her salary concerns.

If the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission decides to pursue the complaint, it will attempt mediation, said Rosemary Fox, an attorney with the agency. If that fails, the case could go to court.

SUSPENDED: A donation to needy children in Africa kept Baylor P Chad Hawkins from playing in yesterday's opening game of the NCAA regional baseball tournament.

The problem was the source of the money -- he won it in a pool on the NCAA basketball tournament. Entering such a pool is construed as gambling, no matter how much he won, or what he did with the money.

A school-issued news release announcing the suspension said it was agreed upon "after cooperative discussions between the NCAA and Baylor officials." Hawkins (6-3, 3.26 ERA) is Baylor's No. 2 starter behind all-American Jason Jennings.

VA. TECH TENNIS: In the men's NCAA tennis championships, Virginia Tech's Aaron and Adam Marchetti lost in the round of 16 doubles competition to Nicolas Dubey and Pepe Caballero of New Mexico, 6-3, 4-6, 5-7.

ROWING: Virginia's second varsity eight crew won its opening heat in the national collegiate women's rowing championships in Sacramento, beating the boat from Brown by almost seven seconds. The finals are Sunday.