June is busting out all over here in muggy Mississippi, where the best spot at the U.S. Women's Open is the air-conditioned media tent. It's the perfect venue for the debut of Sports Waves Memo Man, a pleasant respite from searing sun, horrid humidity and all those birdies and bogeys.

Memo to Daniel M. Snyder: Go ahead and get rid of all those overweight, out-of-shape behemoths on your new football team, but don't even think about messing with the big boys in the radio booth. Sonny Jurgensen, Sam Huff and Frank Herzog should be your radio voices in perpetuity. We understand they'll be doing the games this year because they're under contract to WJFK, the flagship with two years left on its deal with the previous ownership.

Under terms of that agreement, you'll have "input" on the station's choice of announcers. This should be the input: Frank, Sonny and Sam for as long as they'd like. People in your organization say you've already had a long talk with Jurgensen about what ails the team. Good move.

Memo to Ted Leonsis: While we're on the subject of radio, you've got to tell Steve Kolbe on WTEM to lower the decibel level on Capitals games. If he still talks like a wrestling buffoon, there's a fabulous hockey guy available. Longtime New York Islanders play-by-play man Jiggs McDonald has been looking for work the past two years. Come to think of it, adding a second voice to the broadcast wouldn't hurt.

On TV, Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin are terrific together, with Laughlin becoming a top-shelf cult figure. If you have any pull on the Wizards' side, radio play-by-play man Dave Johnson is competent, but also could use a sidekick. Steve Buckhantz has acclimated well to NBA play-by-play, but Phil Chenier's act is wearing a little thin. Too much rooting, not enough analysis. John Thompson, savvy media veteran that he's become, certainly would shake it up. And the day Tim Legler retires is the day he ought to be hired for on-air work.

Memo to Albert Belle: The next time a broadcaster does a puffy little featurette on the new cereal you endorse, try to be a little more polite when the man asks you to appear on air.

John Buren from Baltimore's Channel 13 was doing a live shot asking fans to do a test of "Slugger" cereal a few weeks ago when you happened to walk by, then walked away. When Buren said something to the effect of "that's the effervescent Albert Belle," you heard it and started berating him, telling him -- and a very large TV audience -- "I don't need any more of your smart mouth" before walking away.

For every box sold, a charity designated by Belle gets a donation. It's the only reason to buy the cereal, which is essentially a cornflake that, quite appropriately, features no sugar-coating.

Memo to TNT: Love the wall-to-wall coverage of the NBA playoffs, especially when Marv Albert is doing the play-by-play. He's so far ahead of any other announcer in the Turner stable, it's been almost scandalous not to have flown him back and forth between East and West series. NBC ought to get this guy back as its lead announcer.

Memo to WJLA: Paul Berry deserved far better, but that's another story. Now that there's an opening in your sports department for a weekend anchor/reporter with Mike Cairns's contract running out this month, perhaps you ought to think about adding a woman to the mix. Chris McKendry, a recent alum, has become a weekend star at ESPN, and surely there are other qualified women (check out sister station NewsChannel 8, for example) who would do a more than competent job.

Memo to all network golf producers: Roving reporters are an integral part of weekend golf coverage, but someone ought to remind them they should never intrude on the story by engaging contending players in conversations while they're in the middle of a round.

David Feherty, easily my favorite in the genre, was guilty of that as eventual champion Rich Beem tried to keep his head together during a very difficult Saturday round at the Kemper Open. As if the guy needed any more distractions during his first encounter with the spotlight, Feherty walked up and introduced himself in the middle of the eighth fairway, another reminder that network cameras were on. It was roughly equivalent to a sideline football reporter strolling up to an NFL quarterback before the snap of the ball.

And, oh yes, we also hear from our sources with powerful satellite dishes that the raw feed Sunday on CBS included lots of joking and silly side bets among various announcers speculating on what hole Beem would fold. He didn't. That sort of talk should not be bouncing off satellites. You never know who might be listening.

Memo to Jim Rome: Kill the promo for your despicable show that takes a cheap shot at Abe Pollin.

Memo to WTEM: Kill the Rome show. The sooner the better.