The Decline and Fall of the Orioles

It is time to recall the wonderful baseball teams known as the Baltimore Orioles, which included many of the greats of the game. Who can ever forget the contributions of Cal Ripken, in his prime, the Hall of Famers, Jim Palmer, Brooks Robinson, Eddie Murray and so many other greats in or near entrance into the shrine at Cooperstown. It is also time to question the present operation. How can the operatives of today's organization explain to the fans how players like Rafael Palmeiro and Roberto Alomar, real all-stars, together with a manager like Davey Johnson, slip out of the unit? With the disappointment of Albert Belle's performance, whose hitting average is far below .300, compared to Palmeiro's .385 and Alomar's .335, isn't it time that real management by knowledgeable baseball people take place?

With the type of performance, we the fans are viewing today, isn't it possible that nearly half of us will become interested in other activities?

-- Herb Becker


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