One of the biggest controversies in the NHL this season has been the man-in-the-crease rule and the video replay that usually accompanies the infraction.

The sentiment among general managers is to change it.

That was one of the topics discussed yesterday by general managers attending the Stanley Cup finals in Buffalo.

"There's a feeling we have to make adjustments," Panthers GM Bryan Murray said. "This time, more so than in the past, there's a feeling we have to change it."

Players have expressed unhappiness with the rule that disallows a goal if a member of the offensive team has part of his body in the goal crease, even if it does not have an impact on the play.

The league is unhappy with the time spent reviewing goals on video, which it feels takes away the game's spontaneity for the fans. A recent league survey showed that it took an average of 93 seconds to complete a video review.

Colin Campbell, the NHL's vice president in charge of hockey operations, said the league was interested in shortening games. During the five-hour session before last night's Game 4, the general managers talked about using a "hurry-up" faceoff and "hurry-up" line changes to speed the game.