A group of approximately a dozen people with ties to the NBA will meet with league officials Tuesday to discuss potential changes that will address the continued decline in scoring and increasingly rough play near the basket.

The group probably will include players, former players, coaches and former coaches and will take place in New York between Game 3 and Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Russ Granik will also serve on the special committee, which will meet in place of the competition committee that normally meets at this time.

Granik said he told all the participants to set aside a whole day for the discussions and added that while there may not be a dramatic change in rules, there probably will be some changes and a call for stricter enforcement of existing rules.

How to increase scoring, which has fallen off dramatically in the last 10 years, and how to stop the game's biggest and tallest players from wrestling to gain position near the basket figure to be at the top of the agenda. Granik was in Chicago last week to talk with coaches and league officials about possible suggestions. Those could include widening the lane at the base, changing the rules regarding illegal defense, adding a five-second limit for one player to hold the ball while guarded, and changing the rules regarding hand-checking and use of the forearm to the back.