NFL management and the players' union were on the same side yesterday, opposing legislation that would force the league to set aside 10 percent of its TV revenue for building and renovating stadiums. Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said the bill would "establish a rigid and misguided federal approach to a particularly local issue." He said it would have serious and negative consequences for local communities, sports fans and sports teams.

Under the measure proposed by Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), continuing major league baseball's antitrust exemption and football's limited antitrust exemption would depend on both placing 10 percent of TV money into a construction trust fund.

Specter's bill would also expand the antitrust exemptions to allow baseball and the NFL to bar a club from moving to a different city.

TUINEI AUTOPSY: Former Cowboys T Mark Tuinei died of a lethal combination of heroin and a form of the drug Ecstacy, according to autopsy results released yesterday. In its final autopsy report, the Collin County (Tex.) Medical Examiner's office ruled Tuinei's death was an accident.

SIGNING: Former DeMatha QB Dan Crowley recently signed with the CFL's Edmonton Eskimos. Crowley, a Division I-AA all-American at Towson, played in Italy the past two seasons, where he led the Bergamo Lions to the league championship and was named offensive player of the year.