Browns owner Al Lerner yesterday put an end to any guessing about the name of Cleveland's new NFL football home.

It's Cleveland Browns Stadium -- a name as simple the team's unadorned helmets.

Lerner is passing on a chance to sell stadium naming rights to one business or organization. Instead, the Browns are selling naming rights to the new stadium's four gates.

Lerner and team president Carmen Policy said the Cleveland Clinic, CoreComm, National City Corp. and Steris Corp. -- all with sponsorship agreements -- will each have a gate with the organization's name above the entrance.

CHARGE DROPPED: A drunken driving charge against Panthers DE Jason Peter was dismissed because of botched paperwork.

A Mecklenburg County (N.C.) judge agreed with the defense that the case was tainted because a magistrate's order signed after the arrest was improperly dated. Peter was arrested March 14, but the order was dated March 24.

Prosecutor Tommy Simpson said the state would appeal to Superior Court, but defense lawyer George Laughrun said it was unlikely the case would even make it to trial on that level.

MOVE: The Falcons signed LB Jeff Kelly, a sixth-round pick in this year's NFL draft from Kansas State.