The sleek fastback styling of the Series 452-D Cadillacs first showed up a year earlier, at the Chicago World's Fair. The all-new styling was marked by teardrop fenders, headlights and taillights. Spear decorations, in the art deco style, on the side of the hood distinguished the 452-D models from less-expensive Cadillacs with similar body styles. The car was powered by the V-16 Cadillac had first introduced four years earlier. The wheelbase of the 452-D models was 154 inches, the longest of any American car that year. One feature that lasted only a year was the two-piece front and rear bumpers that adorned many of the models. They looked nice but proved to be fragile and were quickly dropped. Only 150 of the V-16 cars were produced in 1934. This was the second year Cadillac offered front vent windows.


Price $7,850

Engine 452-cubic-inch V-16

Horsepower 169.2 at 3,400 rpm

Wheelbase 154 inches

Overall length 240 inches

Passenger capacity 5


Year 1934

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Median family income $1,465

Dow Jones industrial average (year-end) 104.04

Academy Award movie "It Happened One


Milestone Government sets price

of gold at $35 an