Frank Herzog and Sam Huff will be the primary announcers on the radio broadcasts of Washington Redskins preseason games under a compromise reached this week by the team's radio and television flagship stations. Sonny Jurgensen will be involved with both the WJFK-FM-106.7 broadcast and the WRC-4 telecast.

WRC reached a two-year agreement with the Redskins in June to televise the team's four preseason games, which had been on WJLA-TV-7 for six years. When the deal with WRC was announced, Redskins officials said they wanted to use WRC's audio in a TV-radio simulcast that would be heard on WJFK. That would have eliminated Herzog and Huff from the radio broadcasts they have shared with Jurgensen. WJFK station manager Ken Stephens balked at that proposal.

Under this week's agreement, Jurgensen will be on WJFK during the station's two-hour pregame show and, according to Stephens, early in the first quarter before heading for the television booth, where he'll broadcast the rest of the game with play-by-play man George Michael, WRC's sports director, and fellow analyst Michael Wilbon, a columnist for The Washington Post.

Jurgensen will then rejoin Huff on the radio for WJFK's postgame show.

Stephens said he would have preferred to have Jurgensen involved in the entire radio broadcast, but acceded to the Redskins' wishes in exchange for what he described as future considerations in promotion and marketing.

Jurgensen will be with Herzog and Huff, as usual, for the regular season.