Washington Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder intends to continue holding training camp at Frostburg State University, according to Casper R. Taylor Jr., speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates.

Taylor (D-Allegany) said today that he didn't think there was any chance that Snyder would move camp closer to Washington, as has been speculated. "He made it clear to me he has a contract that he intends to honor," Taylor said in a telephone interview.

The Redskins are in their fifth year of holding training camp in Frostburg, about 130 miles west of Washington, and the contract runs for another five years. The team moved its training camp from Carlisle, Pa., to Frostburg State, which is in Taylor's district, when plans were made to build Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, now known as Redskins Stadium, in suburban Maryland.

Taylor and Snyder spoke during a recent scrimmage between the Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers at Frostburg.

"It was just an introductory meeting where we shared with one another our outlook on the future," Taylor said.

Conway May Have a Leg Up

Brett Conway strengthened his case to win the Redskins' kicking job today when he made all four field goal attempts, from 33, 37, 47 and 53 yards. Rookie Jeff Hall was 3 for 4. Cary Blanchard, who held the job at the end of last season, made just two of his attempts--from 33 and 37 yards.

After each had made attempts from three distances, Coach Norv Turner called for field goals from 53 yards and asked players to make as much noise as possible. The wind was swirling at about 20 mph at the time. Only Conway's kick was good.

"I got pretty lucky there because I caught it between gusts," he said. "Kicking is probably 99 percent confidence. And once you get that confidence, it's all there."

Turner will keep all three kickers on the roster at least through Friday's preseason game against Buffalo. Conway and Blanchard will kick in that game, and Turner said he will continue to evaluate Hall, the rookie from Tennessee, next week.

Hall missed a 23-yard field goal against New England.

Sidestepping Sprints

The Redskins' two-hour contact practice in the afternoon is typically followed by a series of sprints.

But after today's practice ran late, Turner made a deal with his players. The third-string offense was given four plays to score from the 20. If it made a touchdown against the third-string defense, all of the defensive players would run sprints while the offense rested. Conversely, if the defense held, the offense would have to run sprints.

The contest brought out more spirit than any drill in camp to date.

On fourth and goal, quarterback Casey Weldon fired a pass to the left corner of the end zone. Rookie Tim Alexander reeled it in, but his feet were slightly out of bounds. There was so much celebrating and protesting in the confusion that followed, practice was adjourned without either side running sprints. . . .

Wide receiver Albert Connell returned to practice today and looked sharp after jamming his neck when he was brought down on a 67-yard play against New England.