Rose No, Shoeless Joe Yes

I am tired of reading bleeding heart letters such as the one from Herb Becker last week calling for Pete Rose to be admitted to the Hall of Fame.

Becker cites Rose's impressive statistics and compares him to Ruth, Cobb and Aaron. What he neglects to say is that those three greats never, to anyone's knowledge, bet on baseball games. It may not have been proved that Rose did but since he bet on everything else that walked I certainly believe it, and so did the commissioner who banned him for life. Rose refused to come clean in his appearances before the last commissioner, thereby justifying the ban.

The player who really should be admitted is Shoeless Joe Jackson of the Black Sox scandal, as Ted Williams and other Hall of Famers believe. A look at Jackson's batting average in that World Series should convince anyone he wasn't cooperating with any fix.


Virginia Beach

Keep It Local

Terps fans are very frustrated with your poor coverage of Maryland football. The Aug. 22 edition wasted one full page on fluff stories on coaches at UNLV, South Carolina and Oregon State. A short, non-story about Debbie Yow being pleased with Ron Vanderlinden appeared [the same day].

As a Maryland graduate and booster, I wish The Post would give Maryland football a solid, daily story and its own game-day story. Please be a local paper first. The Terps, the Redskins, D.C. United and the Mystics are local and should not take a back seat to the Orioles, Ravens or any Division I football school, coach or player.